Nile Rodgers has confirmed Chic's new album will be released in 2017.

The 64-year-old musician admitted he didn't feel as though he could drop the record, 'It's About Time', this year following so many deaths in the music industry and then realised next year would be the perfect time to put it out to coincide with their 40th anniversary.

He wrote: ''When Prince suddenly died, it was like I'd been struck by lighting twice. It made me ''see'' why I named the next CHIC album ''It's About Time.'' Time is so important, and what we do with it is everything.

''I flashed upon this fact: 2017 is the 40th anniversary of the world's most influential disco in history, Studio 54. It's also the 40th anniversary of CHIC. Our song ''Le Freak'' became one of Studio 54's massive anthems.

''In 2017, we will pay homage to the club that put us on the international map by doing a series of concerts, afterparties, VIP Packages, films and singles - then drop the full album along with a BIG SURPRISE!

''In 2016, I couldn't release an album about the joy of life in A Year of So Many Deaths. (sic)''

While the record producer admits he tried to ''stay positive'' after David Bowie's shock death in January aged 69, he couldn't bring himself to release a party album in such a sad 12 months for music.

Writing a blog post on his official website, he added: ''In 2016 the music industry was under pressure. It lost so many giants to the Angel of Death. The year had barely started when David Bowie passed away. Though I've done dozens of albums with god knows how many superstars, David and Let's Dance is one of the highest plateaus in my career.

''I'm a very optimistic person, but Glenn Fry and Paul Kantner died in that first month as well. The year was off to a very bad start, and the way forward through 2016 became unclear.

''Over the next few months I took some pressure off by touring with my symbolic other band, Duran Duran, and playing my own FOLD (FreakOutLetsDance) Festivals. I also collaborated on a huge amount of songs while focusing on what was most important in the world of CHIC - STAYING POSITIVE! (sic)''