Nile Rodgers remains ''all clear'' of cancer following his latest check-up.

The Chic superstar - who received his diagnosis of aggressive prostate cancer in 2010 - was overjoyed after a visit to his doctor has revealed no trace of the disease,

He tweeted: ''WOAH, I just got home from the Dr. He gave me video of him going down inside my body. It's a little too weird to post but maybe some stills

''Test results CLEAN! >

''Instead of showing gross internal video I'll show my doctor's fly examination room. I'M ALL CLEAR AGAIN! (sic).''

However, Nile has previously admitted he is wary of calling himself ''cancer-free''.

He explained: ''On October 29th 2010 I was 'cancer-free' but on October 30th I had extremely aggressive cancer. I saw that 'cancer-free' means a couple of things; either they haven't found it and you have it or you might get it the next day.''

The guitarist also credited his diagnosis and recovery with giving him a new lease of musical life.

He said: ''It was the most horrible thing, next to Bernard's [Edwards, his Chic partner] death ... I have an awareness of the fact that my life can change in a split second.''