Funk icon Nile Rodgers left Madonna baffled during their time in the studio because he never tried to sleep with her.

Rodgers helped propel the Material Girl to superstardom by producing her hit 1984 album Like A Virgin, which went on to sell more than 20 million copies.

The pair had the perfect working relationship, but the sexy singer was left confused as to why Rodgers didn't want to bed her.

The Chic star reveals, "I was standing at an elevator when she goes, 'Why don't you want to f**k me?'. I was like, 'What did you just say to me?' She was wondering why I had not propositioned her. She couldn't understand that. It was like, 'Everybody wants me.'

"I grew as close to Madonna as I've ever been to a woman without being romantically involved. She was the most driven person. The day I met her she said, 'I'm going to be a really big superstar.'"