MOTLEY CRUE star Nikki Sixx has written up a long list of people he'd murder if he ever decides to go on a killing spree.

The wild bassist would happily enlist the help of his wife and children to help him terminate all the people who have made the mistake of enraging the musician during his lifetime.

However, he refuses to reveal the names of his potential victims - because he wants to maintain the "element of surprise" before he pulls the trigger.

He says, "I have a nice list. A nice list of people we could visit. If the kids were there, like, 'Can we go out killing tonight?' I'd hand them the list.

"I can't tell you who's on the list though, it would ruin the element of surprise. You need surprises these days, not like in the good old days of guillotines and firing squads where there was some suspense. It needs to be a surprise."

09/12/2004 17:41