Rocker Nikki Sixx is confident this Christmas (04) will prove to be the most enjoyable festive season he's ever experienced - because he's no longer a drug addict.

The reformed wildman of MOTLEY CRUE sunk to an all time low in the mid-eighties when he spent one Christmas Day (25DEC) alone, shooting up heroin - and many subsequent Yuletides were also distorted by the deadly narcotic.

In December 1987, Sixx overdosed from heroin and temporarily 'died' on a hospital operating table. Miraculously he survived.

But this year the bassist is excitedly awaiting a family-fuelled Christmas without the debilitating presence of drugs.

He says, "I'm clean. I'm living life 100 per cent - guitars are louder, smiles bigger, and it's f**king killer. I'm really happy I did everything I did, but this Christmas is going to be cooler than s**t.

"I've actually got a book coming out called THE HEROIN DIARIES,and it starts with me on Christmas morning, 1986, shooting up by a Christmas tree, alone. Unbelievable that I'm still alive."

09/12/2004 17:41