Rocker Nikki Sixx enlisted the writings of friends, including his Motley Crue bandmate Tommy Lee and GUNS N' ROSES star Slash for his new biography - to lend the book an unbiased perspective of what he was like as a drug addict. Sixx's Heroin Diaries, due out in September (07), details his addictions to heroin and other drugs during the height of Motley Crue's fame in the late 1980s. The book contains excepts from the 48-year-old's 1987 diaries as well as entries from Lee, Slash and Prince's back-up singer Vanity, who all partied with Sixx at his most debauched. Sixx says, "I felt the book wasn't complete without other people's perspectives and opinions on what I was like as an addict. They would tell me if I was full of s**t." Twenty-five per cent of proceeds from Heroin Diaries and it's tie-in soundtrack album, recorded by Sixx's new band Sixx:AM, will be donated to Covenant House California - a charity which aims to save homeless children from the streets.