Rocker Nikki Sixx reduced a female fan to tears at a recent Motley Crue concert in California, after yelling at her for allegedly throwing a water bottle at the stage.
The bassist, who had thrown his own bottle into the crowd seconds before, was introducing the band's 1991 song Primal Scream when the plastic missile was sent flying towards the platform.
Sixx singled out the offending woman and publicly chastised her.
He ranted, "You think that s**t's funny motherf**ker. Suck my d**k motherf**ker, f**k you."
He motioned for the woman to come up on stage, and when the teary fan refused, he said, "The fact that you're a f**king w**re means you can suck my d**k a little more, you b**ch. Ah, now she's f**king crying."