Wildman rocker Nikki Sixx was left staggered by Ozzy Osbourne's capacity for disgraceful behaviour in the 80s - but nothing prepared him for the moment Osbourne drank Sixx's urine.

When the pair toured together in the mid-80s, the Motley Crue bassist was left amazed when Osbourne challenged him to top his antics.

Sixx - real name FRANK FERRANA - says, "We went on tour with Ozzy in the 80s and one night we were out partying. Ozzy is always one to try and outdo you.

"So, he pulls out his d*** and he p***es on the floor and then he licks it up in front of me.

"And I'm like, 'F***. Well, I don't f***ing care, I'll lick up my own p***.' So I pull out my d*** and I p***, and I'm really straining to get it going.

"So I'm sitting there wheezing, and my eyes are rolling back, and I get down to lick up my p*** and he'd already beaten me to it.

"I was like, 'You know what, dude? You're the King. There is no ELVIS (PRESLEY).' He made me cry, I was so proud."

He jokes, "That's a great story for the kids, goes down good around the Christmas tree."

27/07/2004 17:31