Rocker Nikki Sixx has blasted officials for deleting naked images he took of quirky models from his profile page.
The Motley Crue bass player-turned-radio presenter and photographer thought fans would appreciate his arty shots when he posted them online - and he's appalled by Facebook censorship.
He tells, "I started by posting one of the photos from my book, it was actually an outtake - a way to give fans something that won't be in the book.
"It was this girl, Farah - she's about 350 pounds and she saw her mother kill herself and was put out on the streets for prostitution and she ended up doing pornography. I was looking for a woman that would pose nude that was extremely overweight - there's a bunch of messages behind that.
"So I posted this nude picture of her and it was deleted by Facebook. And I went, 'Oh, you can't put art on Facebook?' So then I posted another photo that I shot of a guy who's transgender. So he had breasts, but he's still a guy."
That was also removed, and when Sixx tried to post another photo he had taken of a burn victim, the powers that be on Facebook warned him to stop.
He adds, "It was also deleted saying, 'Final notice - you can't post any more of your photos.'"