There've been conflicting reports this week about the wedding date of 'Twilight' actress' Nikki Reed with fiance Paul Mcdonald, with some sources suggesting the pair are to be married today (16/10.)
Back in June MCDonald told People Magazine that he and Reid were engaged, saying "I'm getting married - yes - to the lovely Nikki Reed . I'm really pumped up about that. She's an amazing lady, and I'm very lucky to be hanging out with her." Since then there've been many attempts to pin down the exact date of the wedding, and this week E! Online claimed the wedding was today, saying of the American Idol man "He's going to play with his band at the reception. He's got some surprises for Nikki."
Yet People Magazine have since come out saying that the wedding can't happen today as the wedding singer - another American Idol contestant Stefano Langone - will be away for the date. "Langone will be performing at it and he's in Las Vegas performing for Eva Longoria and George Lopez at their annual 'Padres Contra El Cancer,'" said the source.
Following Paul McCartney's marriage to NANCY SHEVELL, this is another surprise celebrity wedding, though this one seems even more shrouded in confusion.