Hollywood newcomer Nikki Blonsky is looking to capitalise on her HAIRSPRAY acclaim in a teen comedy. The starlet made her breakthrough performance in the musical re-make alongside John Travolta and Christopher Walken, and now she can add Cuba Gooding Jr. to her impressive list of co-stars as filming begins on Harold. Blonsky, 18, plays Rhonda in the movie, the nerdy best friend of balding teen Harold, who is incessantly teased for his premature aging. Gooding Jr., who is also one of the film's producers, plays the school janitor who befriends the troubled title character. And Blonsky has double reason to celebrate landing the part - it's shooting in her hometown of Great Neck, New York. She says, "The set is my middle school. It's kinda creepy. I didn't have the best time there, so going back is definitely cooler."