Nikki Bella's guilty pleasure is romance novels.

The 33-year-old professional wrestler - who is currently engaged to fellow wrestler John Cena - has admitted she loves to read the steamy literature whenever she gets the chance, and says her favourite ones involve ''super manly Vikings''.

Speaking about her obsession with romantic books, Nikki said: ''I love them. I'm not too into Fabio style. I would rather have a Viiking steal me on a boat and watch him fight and then come back on and take me away. That's hot. I like it when he gets super manly.''

The 'Total Bellas' star also admitted she and John, 40, have their own ''red room'' similar to the one made famous in the 'Fifty Shades of Grey' novel series, as she thinks its important for all couples to ''explore'' one another.

She added to 'Entertainment Tonight': ''A red room is not - for me, it's not this crazy uncomfortable thing. I think some people feel guilty, and it's pleasure [at the same time]. So, put it together and that's my guilty pleasure.

''[It's] a real red room. [John] really built me a beautiful red room. It's been featured on 'Total Bellas'. The walls are like beautiful red velvet walls. Actually, the door going into it looks like a door from a castle. It's pretty insane. It has fur rugs, candles, chandelier. A lot of drawers.

''We can go anywhere we want. But you can watch the Super Bowl in [the red room], too. We have a TV.

''When I had all my family there for 'Total Bellas' season one, we put away some of the furniture and made it more of like an after drinks lounge. Because the furniture, everything is just so pretty, the woodwork, and then when everyone left, we put the furniture back in and some of the pieces, yeah. I think all couples need to do that. Explore each other right? Am I allowed to say that?''