Nikki Bella is already thinking about getting pregnant.

The 34-year-old wrestler - who recently rekindled her romance with John Cena following their high-profile split - is contemplating sharing the responsibilities of parenthood with the 'Blockers' star, now he has changed his stance on having kids.

Nikki - whose engagement to John is now back on - explained to her sister Brie during an upcoming episode of 'Total Bellas': ''I just can't believe I get to be a mom. And with the man of my dreams, I don't have to go find some guy to have a baby with.''

Despite this, the brunette beauty admitted that she didn't envision having children for another ''year or two''.

And Brie, 34 - who already has a 13-month-old daughter Birdie with husband Daniel Bryan - is delighted that her sibling is planning to become a parent and hopes they can go through pregnancy together.

She told her sister: ''I can't even f**king believe it. Get pregnant with me, on my second.''

In the short term, Nikki is focused on planning for her upcoming wedding, with the American star admitting she's been slightly overwhelmed by the experience.

She confessed: ''I feel like I'm still trying to process that John and I are back on. And now I have to get back into wedding planning mode and since we want to keep our same date, I am very behind.''

However, Nikki remains confident that her wedding dreams will ultimately come to fruition, insisting she still has faith in her ''amazing'' planning team.

Meanwhile, John recently revealed he is willing to have surgery in order to have children with Nikki.

The WWE stars split earlier this year, in part because of their differing attitudes towards having kids - but John has since had a change of heart.

John said: ''I wanna marry you and relationship and marriage especially is about sacrifice, and I will make that sacrifice for you. I will give you a child.''

Nikki replied: ''But you have the...''

Then, the wrestler explained: ''I know. I physically can't have kids. So, I'm also telling you that I'm willing to have surgery and then still go through with being a dad.''

Nikki was initially stunned by the 41-year-old sportsman's promise.

She said: ''You're sure though? Are you gonna change your mind?''

And when John promised he wouldn't go back on his word, she exclaimed: ''Oh John, you're gonna be the most amazing dad in the world.''