Nikki Bella was devastated not to be included in the WWE draft.

The 'Total Divas' star had been given the all-clear by medics to return to the ring following her neck injury so was stunned to receive an email letting her know she wouldn't be part of the wrestling brand extension.

She said: ''I don't even have words right now. I just got the worst email anyone could ever get. I literally just got an email which says I cannot be a part of the draft. I was cleared by my surgeon, I feel ready to go, I really just don't know what to think right now.

''For some reason I thought that they'd wanna clear me quick and make sure I was a big part of the draft, but I'm not on the is like that the end for me?''

However, while the 33-year-old star initially questioned whether her career was at an ''end'', she vowed to continue training hard in order to make her return to the WWE eventually.

Speaking on the midseason finale of 'Total Divas', she said: ''I feel really sad because I'm not at TV with the other girls, I'm not getting drafted, but I'm going to prove to everyone that Nikki Bella will be back in that ring, because no one can stop me.''

Earlier in the episode, after being given the green light to resume her training, Nikki admitted she was feeling like a ''beginner'' as she had been out due to her injury for such a long time.

She said: ''I'm totally feeling like a beginner right now. I've been out for a year and a year is a long time to be missing from the ring.''