Nikki Bella says becoming an auntie has helped her deal with her decision not to have children in the future.

The 'Total Divas' star was convinced seeing her twin Brie give birth to daughter Birdie would make her want a child of her own but has revealed it is in fact the complete opposite.

Nikki, who is engaged to John Cena, said: ''It's funny, I would have thought that and I think John was really worried for that but it's probably been the exact opposite.

''How much I absolutely love Birdie and have unconditional love, seeing how much my sister has had to not only sacrifice her body but her life and career has really made me be like, 'You know what? I'm really content being an aunt the rest of my life.'''

And Nikki's fiancé John has always been adamant he doesn't want any kids and the brunette beauty admits there was a time where she didn't really ''understand'' where he was coming from but she says she does now.

She shared to E! News: ''I used to not understand. You used to see this on Total Divas and Total Bellas, I didn't understand where John was coming from when he would say he wouldn't want to be a father.

''It wasn't that he didn't like kids ... It was just he works a lot and he would want to home for those kids. I feel the same way. I like being spontaneous and I love my career and I like working on a lot of businesses and I couldn't imagine giving all that up to be at home with a child.''