Nikki Bella and John Cena want to marry in 2018.

The 'Total Divas' star and the professional wrestler got engaged back in April at WrestleMania 33 and both are keen to tie the knot as soon as possible despite their ''super busy'' schedules.

Asked if they're taking it slow, he told Complex magazine: ''The speed of everything is directly dependent on Nicole. I'm one of those guys where it took me five years to get down on one knee, so I'm ready to go, but I also know there's a lot into planning that day and since it's taken so long, it should be absolutely everything that both of us want.

''We are both super, super busy and it just has to be right. I really, really want to say I hope it's gonna be next year sometime, but also I want to do it when it's right for Nicole and she can get the most out of it as well.''

Meanwhile, Nikki recently gave an interview where she revealed the couple had set a date for their big day.

She said: ''So I do have a date now, but I can't say. But we finally came up with a date ... and I did find the dress!''

Speaking more about the dress, she added to E! News: ''I said yes to the dress! You know, what's crazy is when I was at the spring fashion shows and I attended Marchesa and when I looked at that line, like she got me when they handed we a glass of Perrier Jouet and a macaroon. I was like, 'OK, yes.'

''And then I saw this dress and I was like, 'That's Princess Grace Kelly.' Like that is what I want so bad. And so all the girls warned me, 'Just so you know, like even though you love it sometimes when you try something on it doesn't work.' I put it on and I was like this is the one. It was amazing.''