Nikki Bella and John Cena have reportedly hit a bump in the road to their reconciliation, as John is set to leave the country.

The professional wrestling couple broke off their engagement in April just weeks before their wedding day, and whilst they've been constantly talking about getting back together ever since, their plans might have to wait a little while as John, 41, is due to leave the US for four months whilst he films new movie 'The Janson Detective'.

Sources have claimed the couple aren't great when it comes to long distance, and those close to the pair are worried they'll become further separated because of the scheduled work trip.

An insider said: ''One of the reasons that they can't seem to work things out is because he's getting ready to leave the country for four months.

''They're not the kind of couple where it's 'absence makes the heart grow fonder;' they're more 'out of sight, out of mind,' so this distance isn't going to be good for them. They work best when they're working together and can be together all the time.''

Nikki, 34, and the 'Blockers' actor have dealt with long distance before, but insiders note it ''wasn't great'' for the relationship.

However, it has also been claimed the pair still have a lot of love for one another and ''can't imagine'' being with anyone else.

The source added to 'Entertainment Tonight': ''They love each other very much and can't imagine themselves with anyone else. They want to be together and be happy, but their priority is very much on their careers right now, and they're both on the same page with that.''

Meanwhile, it was recently claimed that 'Total Bellas' star Nikki doesn't ''trust'' John's sudden change of heart, after he stated that he would ''love'' to father Nikki's future children following years of being against the idea.

A source said: ''Nikki doesn't know if she trusts John still. Is he really saying he wants to be a dad just for her or does he truly want to have children? The more attention this is getting, the more pressure Nikki feels.''