Nikki Bella and Artem Chigvinstev are ''getting serious''.

The couple - who confirmed they were dating four months ago - made their red carpet debut together on Thursday (11.07.19) at the Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Sports Awards, and while they haven't quite put a label on their romance, things are certainly heating up.

Dancer Artem, 37, told PEOPLE magazine: ''It's getting serious.''

And the 35-year-old former WWE superstar teased the possibility of some clarification on an upcoming episode of 'The Bellas Podcast', which she hosts with her twin sister Brie.

Asked if the pair are ready to make things official, she said: ''You'll find out on Wednesday. Artem and I actually talk about the world official and where our relationship stands.''

However, the couple both admitted they're glad they have taken the time to get to know each other rather than rushing into anything.

Nikki explained: ''What's really tough is that you can't just casually date because everyone is like, 'Wait we've seen you here and there so you're official right?' It speeds up the process.''

Artem agreed, and insisted in the early stages of a relationship it's important to ''adapt and adjust''.

He added: ''I think nowadays people jump so fast to the conclusion of what it is. People need to be given time to be themselves and adapt and adjust and get to know each other. Whatever happens, happens.''

Despite not putting labels on their romance, the pair are very much exclusive, as they admitted they'd both be hurt if the other was seeing someone else.

Speaking in a joint appearance on the Bellas' podcast, Artem revealed: ''Yeah, of course it would bother me [if Nikki was seeing someone else]. The fact is we're not saying what we are titling ourselves to something - it doesn't change the way I feel about it.''

And when Brie asked if Nikki could sleep with someone else, Artem said: ''No, absolutely not ... that would hurt me very much.''