Nikki Bella ''100 per cent'' believes John Cena wants to have children with her and she would ''jump'' at the chance to start a family.

The 'Total Divas' star was set to marry the 'Blockers' actor this month, but they called off their wedding plans and split because John had doubts about becoming a father.

However, the brunette beauty has now said that while she'd ''run back'' to the WWE star, she wouldn't know what to say if he asked her to marry him again.

She told TMZ: ''I believe 100 per cent he wants kids. It makes me want to run back and jump into his arms.

''I care about him and love him a lot.''

Asked what she would do if they bumped into each other and he asked the question again, she said: ''I'm a girl who lives in the moment and I honestly don't know what I'd say.''

Nikki is adamant that their relationship was never a ''publicity'' stunt and she hates being compared to reality stars who get together to make money.

She told the gossip site: ''A lot of people get married for publicity. I'm not like those reality show people.

''I don't want to be hesitant. I want to do what my heart says.''

Nikki previously confessed she was ''speechless'' after John admitted he still wants to marry her and start a family with her, just weeks after they split.

She shared: ''I'm speechless. That's crazy. I have hope ... I'm at a point in my life where I feel like I kind of lost me and I want to find me and work on me.

''I just want John and I both to live happily ever after whether it's together or separate and I just don't want us to go down the road in life and have regrets of like 'I did this for you' or 'you did this for me,' so I think it's okay in relationships to take that moment.''

John - who has been regularly gushing about how much he is in love with Nikki on social media - still has great hopes for the couple's future.

He said: ''I still love Nicole, I still would love to marry Nicole, I still would love to have a family with Nicole. There was an unfortunate set of circumstances where our relationship ended.

''There's been a lot of speculation recently about me being seen in public, and everyone's been like, 'Oh John Cena's enjoying the single life.' No, I was supposed to be married and have a honeymoon over these two weeks.

''I am in my house alone surrounded by these emotionally strong memories. And every day from six to nine I get out of the house and talk to strangers as social interaction. I don't want anybody else.''