Fiery singer Nikka Costa is planning to follow up her cult 2001 album EVERYBODY GOT THEIR SOMETHING with a little help from Prince and Outkast.

Nikka, the daughter of jazz great DON COSTA and goddaughter of FRANK SINATRA, is in talks with Prince and Outkast pair ANDRE 3000 and Big Boi with a view to them producing tracks on her new album.

Prince is already a fan of the flame-haired soul star - he has covered her song PUSH AND PULL on live dates.

One of the highlights of Costa's career so far was being asked to join Prince for a rendition of the song at one of his shows.

She says, "That was amazing because I'm such a fan and he's been so cool. I said, 'I want to write with you on my record,' and he was like, 'Send me a poem.' I said OK and sent him a poem, and he came back and MP3ed me this beautiful kind of jazz thing with him singing it. It's really cool."

The track she's working on with Prince is called SILVER TONGUE.

05/01/2004 18:15