Model Niki Taylor's near-fatal car crash in 2001 has turned the once cautious beauty into a daredevil.
Taylor was left fighting for her life with a collapsed lung and serious liver damage after a car she was a passenger in smashed into a pole in Atlanta, Georgia.
But rather than walk away from high speed adventures, Taylor now embraces them with her husband, racing driver Burney Lamar.
She tells Ladies Home Journal magazine, "My husband and I ride Harley-Davidsons (motorbikes). I'm a bit of a daredevil these days.
"After my accident, I think I realised it was good to embrace life. My faith is really important to me, and I'm less afraid now than before.
"Burney and I do these cross-country motorcycle trips where you ride for approximately 500 miles a day, seven or eight days straight. It's a group of 200 or so bikes and it's tons of fun."