Movie ghouls FREDDY KRUEGER and JASON VOORHEES are set to do battle again on the big screen - with EVIL DEAD supervillain Ash.

The Nightmare On Elm Street character and the FRIDAY THE 13TH nemesis scored a surprise hit last summer (03) when they teamed up for Freddy Vs Jason, and now producers at NEW LINE are keen to further cash in on the two franchises.

New Line bosses are in negotiations with Evil Dead director/producer SAM RAIMI for a project titled FREDDY VS JASON VS ASH.

According to Hollywood trade paper HOLLYWOOD REPORTER, Bruce Campbell would reprise his Ash character, which he played in three Evil Dead movies - all directed by Raimi, who is the man behind the two Spider-Man films.

Freddy vs Jason grossed more than $74 million (GBP41.1million) at the box office.

18/08/2004 02:24