American rocker BOB SEGER has shocked car makers at Chevrolet after decades of loyalty, by admitting he prefers Porsches and Nissans. The Michigan musician famously sang about his love for Chevrolet in his 1976 track Night Moves and allowed General Motors to use his song LIKE A ROCK in their advertisements. But after watching Al Gore's global-warming documentary AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH, Seger admits he is starting to see the beauty in smaller, more environmentally-friendly vehicles and his love affair with Chevrolet is over. He says, "I don't have any of them anymore. Not one, no. "You just look at oil prices, and it's just, 'Wow! You've gotta do something.' "We consume so much and it can't be good for the economy, the whole country in the final analysis to consume as much as we do." In his new song BETWEEN from his latest album FACE THE PROMISE, Seger sings, "We buy a bigger engine and say it isn't me."