Nigel Lythgoe, the man who is behind shows such as Pop Idol and American Idol as well as the creator and judge on Dancing With The Stars, has another programme up his sleeves.
A Chance To Dance will be premiered on American network Ovation on Friday night, making it the first original series from the über successful producer since DWTS.
Speaking to FOX Studio 10, Nigel described the show as a "challenge show" insisting it is not a "competition show" nor is it an "individual show" - marking it from the rest of the spectrum of dance-themed shows on television at the moment.
The show will see dancers MICHAEL NUNN and BILLY TREVITT travel across America as they hold auditions at dance schools in Washington DC, Salt Lake City and Austin, Texas as they scouring the country in a bid create a new dance troupe for Lithgoe in a mere 28 days.
The show will then head to Jacob's Pillow in Massachusetts, where the number of competitors will be halved. The remaining dancers will then head to New York City for the grand finale of the seven part series to determine who has taken their chance to dance best of all.