Returning producer Nigel Lythgoe has suggested that morale among the American Idol crew slid during the past two years "because everyone was always so worried about ratings and Simon going or Simon not going, it ceased being fun." In an interview with TVGuide , Lythgoe said that the addition of Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler as judges has changed the "atmosphere" on the set. "and I think the chemistry is great in comparison to where it went [in the last few seasons]," he told the magazine. "Randy [Jackson has]come out of The Shadows, I'm really happy with Randy. Randy is Simon Cowell now. Stephen is a lot of fun. And Jennifer just cares." Lythgoe laughed off rumors of an on-set feud between Lopez and host Ryan Seacrest, then fueled the rumors by remarking tongue-in-cheek, "Jennifer can flutter her eyelashes and Ryan can't, so he's madly jealous about that."