Violinist Nigel Kennedy is reeling after discovering three of his valuable violins were stolen on Sunday (15MAY05) after a performance in Liverpool, England.

The classical music sensation returned to his tour bus after a show to discover his devastating loss, and he's convinced the crime was drug-related.

But heartbroken Kennedy admits the violins, worth a staggering $46,000 (GBP25,000), were not insured, and fears it will take three years for replacements to be crafted by his supplier VIOLECTRA..

He complains, "It's a bit of a downer, I feel bereft.

"The violins weren't insured or nothing, and have probably been sold in exchange for a fix of whatever drugs those cats were on.

"I normally perform my set with four violins, but now I'm making do with just one, which I had with me when the trailer was robbed."

20/05/2005 13:57