CHARIOTS OF FIRE star Nigel Havers rejected late British royal PRINCESS DIANA's romantic advances - because he had just married his second wife POLLY.

Havers kept the secret for more than two decades, but has finally confessed he was pursued by Diana throughout their charity work for the Red CROSS.

But he refused to have an affair with Diana - who was married to Prince CHARLES at the time - because he wanted to remain faithful to Polly, who died last June (04) aged 54.

He explains, "She was great and I was amazed she was as forward as she was. I flirted back, but I'd only just married Polly and a more serious liaison was never the brief.

"Sadly, I never got to meet her with Dodi Fayed, who also became a good friend when we worked together on Chariots of Fire (Fayed was a producer). It was such a loss."

15/03/2005 03:13