Nicolette Sheridan's ex-boyfriend is set to reveal all about his romance with the actress and her "bitter flights" with her Desperate Housewives co-stars in a new book. Sheridan ditched Swedish personal trainer Nicklas Soderblom in 2005 when she began dating singer Michael Bolton. Three years on, Soderblom has teamed up with journalist Bonnie Robinson and is trying to find a publisher for his tell-all book, reports the New York Post. Robinson claims the book - Not A Desperate Houseman - contains "many, many insights" about "jealousies, fights, etc" on the Desperate Housewives set. She describes Soderblom as "a man who fell passionately in love with a self-centered celebrity" and that Sheridan was "a stressed out middle-aged woman in Hollywood who sees Desperate Housewives as her last big break". Robinson adds that the actress is "barely interested in sex; except as a means of manipulation to get what she wants. In fact, she couldn't be more opposite in real life than the sexy Edie Britt she portrays on Desperate Housewives."