DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES star Nicolette Sheridan wants to follow in RENEE ZELLWEGER's footsteps when she marries her beau NIKLAS SODERBLOM - by exchanging vows on a tropical beach.

OSCAR-winning actress Zellweger stunned fans last week (ends13MAY05) when she announced she and country star Kenny Chesney had exchanged vows on the Caribbean island of St John.

And while Sheridan has yet to set a date for her own nuptials, she's decided she wants something similar.

She says of her own ceremony, "It'll probably end up being some fabulous bash on some island somewhere, barefoot and happy."

But one thing Sheridan is certain will not be included in the wedding plans are pre-ceremony parties.

She adds, "You know what I don't understand about these bachelor parties and these bachelorette parties?

"Why, when you've decided you really wanna spend the rest of your life with somebody, do you wanna risk blowing it the night before the wedding? I mean, what is that about?"

20/05/2005 13:57