Nicolette Sheridan is stunned at the amount of women whose sex lives mirror the man-hungry antics of her Desperate Housewives character.

The American actress - who has become a household name since the TV comedy launched to phenomenal success last year (04) - was always convinced her sex-obsessed alter-ego EDIE BRITT was a grossly exaggerated representation of US women.

However, Sheridan has since learned there are millions of American females who posses an insatiable appetite for intimacy - just like Edie.

She says, "What's interesting is the number of women I've run into since the beginning of the show who've said that they identify with Edie or that they'd like to. I find that a little shocking.

"I saw a woman on the OPRAH WINFREY show recently who said she has sex six times a day and I thought, 'Wow, there was Edie thinking she was on top in that department, but it turns out she really has something to live up to.'"

04/05/2005 17:26