Nicolette Sheridan is the latest DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES star to vehemently deny reports of tension between the show's female leading ladies.

The TV actresses - Sheridan, MARCIA CROSS, Eva Longoria, Teri Hatcher and FELICITY HUFFMAN - have been plagued by claims their time on-set is being hindered by constant squabbling and walk-outs.

And Sheridan is adamant if the female stars were men, they wouldn't be subjected to such harsh media treatment.

She says, "It's so funny, all this talk about what goes on between the women in the cast. If we were five men, there wouldn't be this discussion. We all get along fine.

"Of course, I can only speak for myself, but as far as I'm concerned, I have great respect and admiration for my co-stars, I thoroughly enjoy working with them and the only complaint I have is that I wish I had more time on set."

04/05/2005 21:16