Former KNOT'S LANDING star Nicolette Sheridan is so desperate to shoot down claims she's had plastic surgery, she's now obtained the backing of a doctor after undergoing an examination.

The British-born actress, currently starring in hit American series Desperate Housewives, recently hit out at "malicious and patently false rumours" stating she'd gone under the surgeon's knife.

And now she's met with Beverly Hills surgeon Dr Frank Ryan, whose representative tells America's STAR magazine, "Dr Ryan concludes that she has not received any facial plastic surgery, including brow-lift, nose implant, cheek implant and various other procedures."

But JEANETTE MARTELLO, editor in chief of SKIN DEEP magazine, is certain Sheridan has at least had a brow-lift, telling US WEEKLY, "She needs to stop denying something that's so obvious!"

10/12/2004 02:44