The Desperate Housewives Trial continues and the Daily Mail reports today (March 7, 2012) that Nicollette Sheridan 's defense is focusing on an incident in which the writer / producer Marc Cherry "walloped" her on the head during rehearsals. It is alleged that when she tried to complain about the matter, the result was that her character in the TV show was killed off.
The main witness in court yesterday was Nicollette's media lawyer, Neil Meyer. When asked why instant action wasn't taken against Cherry when he struck Ms Sheridan, Meyer explained that she had been in fear of retribution, so chose not to report the matter to ABC Disney. It was only when her character was killed off and, she alleges, she was unfairly dismissed from the show, that she decided to take matters further. Meyer is quoted as saying "Marc Cherry had apologized, and she was prepared to put her head down and go back to work. Nicollette was upset, but she was also worried about her job." In the lawsuit, worth $6million, Sheridan claims that Cherry struck her on the left side of her head during an incident on September 24, 2008 and subsequently killed off her character.