Marc Cherry, the creator of Desperate Housewives, testified at Nicollette Sheridan 's high profile wrongful termination trial on Monday (March 5, 2012), describing the moment when he struck the actress on-set. Cherry said he thought he had permission to tap Sheridan's head, but acknowledged the incident created a strained and awkward dynamic on-set, reports the Associated Press.

Sheridan, who was axed from the show in 2009, claims that Cherry hit her around the head in September 2008, but Cherry described the incident as a "tap" for artistic direction. The actress told jurors she never gave permission for Cherry to touch her, much less strike her in a way that she described as leaving her stunned. Sheridan is seeking more than $6 million in compensation, and told jurors that the physical incident was humiliating saying, "It was demeaning. It was unfathomable to me that I had just been hit by my boss" Desperate Housewives, a glossy prime-time soap opera with a cast that includes Teri Hatcher and Eva Longoria, has been one of the most watched shows in the U.S. for several years. Cherry eventually killed off Sheridan's character Edie Britt but testified that he had genuine reasons to do so, including creative matters, cost cutting and complaints about Sheridan's behavior.

Crucially, Sheridan's attorney played an interview in court in which Cherry spoke about season five of the show (which was Sheridan's last). He said the series would begin to focus on the lives of five characters played by Hatcher, Longoria, MARCIA CROSS, Felicity Huffman and Sheridan.