Nicole Scherzinger says exercise is the best beauty trick.

The 'Poison' singer's best advice for looking good is keeping her skin constantly hydrated and boosting its natural glow by getting her blood pumping every day.

She divulged the details of her beauty routine to Britain's OK! magazine, explaining: ''It's pretty simple. My favourite drink is water, so I drink that all the time for hydration. I use Pro-Activ skincare morning and night. The best beauty regimen is exercise.

''It gets your blood pumping and flowing and helps you lose any bloating. It just helps give you a natural glow so you don't have to cake on make-up.''

Nicole, 35, has upped her fitness routine in the last few months and has been hitting the gym hard in a bid to feel physically and mentally strong.

She said: ''I started training a month before shooting my last music video. I wanted to be strong and have healthy curves for it so I did lots of hot yoga, CrossFit training, hiking, running, spinning and a bunch of things, just so I was not only physically strong, but mentally and spiritually.''

The former Pussycat Dolls star doesn't let her jetsetting lifestyle get in the way of looking good, even on a long-distance flight.

She laughed: ''[My secret is] lots of hydration - but I'm not going to lie, on the plane I'll have a date with myself. I'll have an eight-course meal! It's also important to have lots of sleep.''