Nicole Scherzinger's make-up artist paints her 'X Factor' looks in watercolour.

The former Pussycat Dolls singer - who joined the judging panel of British TV talent show this year - has become well-known for her outlandish looks, including nail jewellery and a white trouser suit, and she admits she gets her style from various places.

She said: ''It's all based on what I'm wearing. We come up with make-up ideas by tearing out pictures from magazines and researching on the internet until we find the right look.

''Then my make-up artist, Alex Babsky, sketches it out and paints it with watercolour.''

Nicole's hairstyles have also undergone many different looks, and she admits her favourite so far has been her ''bold'' high braid.

She said: ''I like changing my hair every week. I thought that high braid was a bold move but I loved it.

''It's good to be playful and I don't want to make any safe choices. I'm excited to see what we do next!''