Nicole Scherzinger brought a huge entourage to IKEA to shop for furniture.

While the 'X Factor' judge was happy to browse the aisles along with her fellow shoppers in London, she stood out because of wearing sunglasses indoors while followed by a group of her own staff.

A source told the Daily Star newspaper: ''We were surprised to see her but you couldn't miss her.

''She was wearing huge black shades and a big hat and was followed by a large entourage.''

Nicole recently moved to the English capital and while she initially struggled, she has now settled in.

She said: ''For the first couple of days I was homesick, but I'm starting to find I'm fitting in quite well at being a Londoner.

''I love the people here, so that's really helped. And I've made my place a little bit more cosy with fairy lights and candles and yummy blankets.''

She also admitted she and boyfriend Lewis Hamilton have to ''fight'' to keep their five-year romance on track because they spend so much time apart.

She said: ''It is tough. It's challenging and it makes things interesting, but it works. You have to fight for it.''