Nicole Scherzinger once dyed her hair blonde because she wanted to look like Jennifer Lopez.

The 'Poison' singer decided to copy the Latin beauty and change her long, dark locks - but it had disastrous results.

She said: ''I dyed my hair blonde once and it was horrible. I was in my early 20s and trying to look like J-Lo. It didn't work.''

Nicole, 34, also admits she doesn't always take her make-up off after a night out partying.

She told heat magazine: ''I fall into bed with it all on. For my skincare regime, I use Murad toner and La Prairie products.

For the morning after, Nicole has no secret to hide her hangovers, instead relying on classic concealment techniques.

She said: ''I wear an SK-II mask, drink loads of water and put on loads of moisturiser.''

The former Pussycat Dolls singer also gets her make-up artist to draw up her looks in watercolours so she can see what she will look like before she appears on television.

She explained: ''We come up with make-up ideas by tearing out pictures from magazines and researching on the internet until we find the right look.

''Then my make-up artist, Alex Babsky, sketches it out and paints it with watercolour.''