Nicole Scherzinger believes Britain is the best place for fashion.

The 35-year-old singer claims the UK high street has everything for everyone and comes at an affordable price, which allows people to experiment with their sense of style and find individuality.

Speaking to LOOK magazine, she said: ''There is definitely a bigger choice of affordable fashion [in London], the high street is great and it is limited to what you find at great price points in LA.''

The 'X Factor' judge also thinks the plunging temperatures and persistent rainfall in England work as a benefit because it allows people to layer up their clothes.

She explained: ''It is much more eclectic and mixed to what you will see in Los Angeles, it is more visually interesting, but the weather definitely helps this as you need multiple layers.

''There is great street fashion and you see more individuality, more youth cultures that inspire the young kids' fashion.''