Nicole Scherzinger milked a goat during a live radio show.

The 'Your Love' singer was ''fascinated by the process but admits she found it ''weird'' extracting the liquid from the animal, whose name was Betty.

Speaking to Dave Berry and LISA SNOWDON on Capital Breakfast this morning (14.07.14), she said: ''It's so weird. I've never milked anything before...

''Wow this is fascinating. It's so weird.

''Ohhhhh look at that, I'm doing it.''

Despite being new to the milking process, Nicole - who is in a relationship with Lewis Hamilton - quickly developed a technique to get the best results.

She added: ''Oh my goodness there's so much milk coming out.

''It's so soft and gooey. Put it in your hand, then let it fill up with milk, and then you have to just gently squeeze and pull.''

The 36-year-old beauty recently spoke about how she was mocked when she was younger because she was ''very hairy''.

She said: ''All I know is I'm traumatised, because my mum would never let me shave my legs. She was very strict till a later age, and I was very hairy growing up, so everyone made fun of me for having hairy legs.''

However, Nicole quickly got over the taunts.

She said: ''There's worse things to be made fun of. Shave your legs and it's gone, you can't make fun of me any more.''