Nicole Scherzinger is so lonely following her split from longterm boyfriend Lewis Hamilton, she is taking her employees out on dinner dates.

The former Pussycat Dolls singer and the Formula 1 champion ended their five-year relationship earlier this month (Jul13) due to their hectic schedules, and Scherzinger is struggling to adjust to single life.

The star has thrown herself into her work as a judge on U.K. Tv show The X Factor in the wake of the split, but admits she has to rely on her staff to keep her company.

Speaking backstage at The X Factor auditions in London she says, "I don't have anyone here (in the U.K.), I don't have my family, I don't even have any friends here. My publicist is my closest friend. It gets lonely but I'm working all the time. You just make those sacrifices and they made me feel so at home last year. It is hard but you always make those sacrifices and it's worth it.

"I love good food, so I'm getting to explore lots of restaurants. I take my publicist and my assistant as dates."