Nicole Scherzinger hates wearing too much make-up.

The stunning singer - who mentored this year's winning act, James Arthur, on the UK 'X Factor' - says she prefers a natural look and only wears lots of cosmetics when she's working.

She said: ''Less is more when it comes to make-up - I don't why young women wear so much. On my days off my make-up is really minimal - tinted moisturiser, my Stila Covertible cheek colour, lip gloss and a little bit of liner and mascara.''

Nicole also says she likes to do her own make-up but will accept help when it comes to styling her hair.

She told Britain's Hello! magazine: ''I know my stuff. I feel that you have to in this business. I can't rely on other people all of the time, so I have to know what works for me. I also don't like to wear heavy make-up - I prefer a softer, prettier look. When it comes to my hair I like to get help, though. I have a lot of it so I need a little help getting around the back.''