Nicole Scherzinger is on a ''mission'' to make more music this year.

The pop beauty - who is best known for being the lead singer of The Pussycat Dolls - is desperate to release some fresh songs in 2019 and show the world what a serious artist she is.

Speaking to online publication #Legend Magazine, she said: ''I wish they were more educated on my talents. The best way that I love to communicate is through song so I'm making it a mission to get more music to create more this year and share with my fans.''

The former 'X Former' judge hasn't released a single under her own moniker since 2014's 'Bang' but in 2018 she did feature on The Black Eyed Peas single 'Wings'.

In the interview, Nicole also described that her perfect day would involve her ''meditating'' and participating in ''high-intensity workout'' sessions.

She said: ''I think I would have to start my day meditating, praying and getting a sweat on whether it's a run, whether it's hot yoga or doing some high-intensity workout.''

Nicole, 40, also revealed that to wind down, she would throw in a trip to the beach so she could walk in the sand and go for a ''candlelight, beautiful'' dinner somewhere.

She said: ''I love the beach. I love anywhere near the water so if I could be sun kissed walking in the sand, playing in the ocean I would love that.

''And then I don't know a candlelight beautiful dinner somewhere.''