Nicole Scherzinger is a ''cheeky drinker''.

The former Pussycat Doll likes to grind against Gary Barlow - her fellow 'X Factor' UK judge - when they get drunk together.

The Take That star told the Sunday Mirror newspaper: ''Nicole is quite a good drinker, she's a cheeky drinker, I clocked that the other night, we've been out a few times and she does it quietly, she double orders.

''She does dance routines and rubs her bum up on you and your drink's going everywhere. It's an awful job this, but someone's got to do it.''

Gary, 42, and the 35-year-old singer partied with their fellow judges - Louis Walsh and Sharon Osbourne - last week, and they kept going until 6am.

Sharon described herself as a ''cheap date'' and insisted she can't handle her booze.

She added: ''I'm a really cheap date, give me two drinks and I'm p***ing on the floor. I can't take a lot of alcohol, but when I do, it's like, 'Woooooooo'.''

She recently revealed Gary was the mastermind behind the evening, insisting her got the quartet ''legless'' as a bonding exercise.

She previously said: ''This is a panel of people who are two great artists, two great writers and performers, two amazing managers, and it's way beyond that. We have respect for each other, we actually like each other.

''This one with the wine, [pointing to Gary], gets us legless. There's no him or her, it's just mutual respect.''