Nicole Scherzinger doesn't watch TV.

Despite being on a hit series herself, 'The X Factor' judge admits that unlike most people, she doesn't turn on the box after a long day, and also revealed that she has never seen a scary movie.

Quizzed about little known facts about herself, she told Glamour magazine: ''I don't watch TV, and I can't watch anything scary or violent. I've never seen a scary movie in my life!''

The 34-year-old singer isn't the only A-list star who admits to not watching TV, as fellow celebrities Angelina Jolie and Keira Knightley also claim not to watch television or own a TV.

The 'Pirates of the Caribbean previously said: ''I don't own a TV... I have a projector and I can watch movies or documentaries. I listen to music or read books or see friends.''

Meanwhile, 'The Vow' actress Rachel McAdams is a self-confessed ''ignorant'' technophobe and only recently learned about social networking site Twitter.

She previously said: ''I listen to the news on the radio. I don't have a television and I am really bad at e-mail. [It was] only [recently] that I heard about Twitter for the first time, and it's all I've heard about since. I'm really ignorant.''