A cosy weekend for Nicole Scherzinger and Lewis Hamilton, erm, albeit with Lewis having to do a bit of Formula 1 racing in the middle of it, almost took a horrible turn for the worse at its end as the driver ended up in a pretty grim looking crash whilst contesting the Belgian Grand Prix yesterday (September 2nd). Nicole Scherzinger had been there all weekend in support of her boyfriend, tweeting pictures of them together looking happy, in spite of Hamilton's rather more tumultuous tweets over the weekend that saw him rage about the performance of his car compared to team mate Jensen Button's. As it happened, Button the race.
The Metro reports that Scherzinger was struck dumb with horror in Hamilton's MCLaren team's crew zone as her partner was involved in a four-car pile-up at the very start of the race. Thankfully, though, he emerged unscathed, and indeed ended on a reflective note surrounding the weekend, tweeting "Sometimes, bad days are there to remind us that we have good ones to look forward to. So here's to Monza! Onto the next one..."
Scherzinger was supportive too, even though this loss deals a devastating blow to Hamilton's chances of regaining the world title he last won in 2008. She tweeted "We love and support you to the end babe...LewisHamilton."