Nicole Scherzinger has flown to Los Angeles to attend her grandmother's funeral.

The 'Poison' singer - who is currently residing in London while she is a judge on the UK's 'X Factor' - found out her grandma had died on Saturday morning (10.11.12), and has gone to California with her boyfriend Lewis Hamilton to say her last goodbyes.

A source told The Sun newspaper: ''She was devastated over her gran. Her first instinct was to rush home, but she made a commitment to those boys and her family assured her she could fly on Monday.''

Lewis will be staying in the US as he is due to drive in the country's Grand Prix in Austin, Texas, this weekend.

Nicole was seen crying during some of the performances on 'X Factor' on Saturday evening, and her representative said she found some of the songs particularly touching.

The spokesperson told MailOnline: ''Nicole had to return to the US to attend her grandmother's funeral. Sadly, she passed away on Saturday morning.

''She did mention on the show that a couple of the songs were particularly poignant for her.''