SIMPLE LIFE star Nicole Richie is adding novelist to her impressive resume after penning a new book loosely based on her high life.

ROCK + ROYALTY is the tale of society princess CHLOE PARKER.

Richie, the daughter of soul legend Lionel Richie, admits she didn't have to do too much research for the project: "I would think about things that I have experienced and just twist it down and make them more exciting or a little less exciting."

A dark episode of the book deals with Richie's past as a drug addict.

She adds, "I think sometimes when people think of the word drug addict they think the word dirty, under a bridge, like, really rock bottom. You don't have to be that person to be an addict."

But Richie insists it isn't the book that has shattered her friendship with Simple Life co-star Paris Hilton.

She insists, "It's all fiction, it's all made up."

14/07/2005 09:09