Hollywood star Nicole Richie has been released from jail after serving time for drink driving.

The reality TV actress was ordered to spend four days in jail but was released just over an hour into her sentence, in accordance with prison guidelines on overcrowding.

A spokesperson for the Los Angeles county sherrif's department said that Richie was released after spending 82 minutes in jail.

The guidelines concerned urge authorities to release non-violent female offenders, who are sentenced to jail-time of under 30 days, within 12 hours.

Richie, the daughter of singer Lionel Richie, reached a plea deal with prosecutors over a charge of driving under the influence of alcohol after she was arrested for driving the wrong way on a freeway.

The 25-year-old Simple Life star, who was the only occupant of the vehicle, reportedly told police that she had smoked marijuana and taken a painkiller before driving the vehicle.

Under the terms of the plea, she is also required to serve a three-year probation term and pay a fine of $2,048 (£1,022).

24/08/2007 07:51:06