Nicole Richie says fashion is a ''whole look''.

The designer - who is the face of Suave Beauty - believes an outfit isn't complete until the right accessories, hairstyle and make-up is added.

She said: ''It's my second year partnering up with them and we decided to launch the Suave Shine Suite. Basically what that is, it's an online destination where you get all access to everything back stage so the hair, the make-up, it all counts when you are doing this presentation, when you are doing this fashion show. That's kinda what I tell my designers. Fashion is from head to toe. It's not just about the dress, it's about the whole look. This is gonna take you behind the scenes in creating those special looks or really any looks you know. You are gonna get tips from top hairstyles, how-to's, and a lot of info. You are gonna get interviews from me, from John, from Jess, and you can win prizes as well. The grand prize is $100,000.''

Nicole loves working with Suave because they're affordable haircare products yet still very effective.

She told Just Jared: ''Well what I think what Suave is really great at is getting the salon quality product and making it accessible to everybody and that's why I've been such a big fan of theirs and why I wanted to partner up with them yet again. For me, I have frizzy hair, so I like to use one product. I don't like to go and play around with a ton of different things during the day. I like the Moroccan Infusion Styling oil. It's perfect for me. It's easy and I can carry around in my purse with me. I just do that and I don't have to worry about my hair for the rest of the day.''